by Sad Speller

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This happened over 3 righteous late nights at LNG Studios in Las Cruces, New Mexico. April, 2016.


released March 9, 2017

Recorded by Simeon Beardsley. Mixed and Mastered by Jon "The Wizard of Paz" Paz.

Sad Speller is Eric Edwards and Steven Jensen



all rights reserved


Sad Speller Las Cruces, New Mexico

Always sulking in the southwest.

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Track Name: Can Do
Now it's all of me for you.
It's all that i can do.
because you keep speaking the truth.
I want to keep on loving you.

That is all I can do.
Track Name: Doubt it Out
I'm in another broken plan
this one I hardly understand, so break it down again
I'll see what else comes out
rid myself of doubt, and say my name out loud

Inspired then I'm not
I'm on and off the clock, pay the bills that kill your thought
stand until you're falling down
never wait around, you gotta know then go right now

Learn to wait around
Be patient and sound.
Track Name: Miranda
Walking in the dark
following some kind of tune
waking up with this sunset
realizing I have no clue

Cutting through our favorite park
i'm finally feeling good
felt the world falling apart
until we walked into this neighborhood

I know it's sad we can't be here all the time
but that's what makes it so good some of the time
I'm always saying that it wastes time to worry and I'm in good company
when will I start listening to what I'm saying?

The sun's warming our bodies up
all our troubles in the wind
there's an ocean up above
this desert's at least worth knowing

So, always follow what you sense
you will find some kind of fun
there's a way around every fence
there is another park to love

Tell me what it is I'm trying to say, Anybody.
Track Name: Worry Some
I'm riddled with worry
I'm thin and breaking teeth
will the fire inside me burn itself out and leave me thirty, smoldering?

Tell me, why do I worry?
she's bright and so lovely
and though these strange things keep happening
some kind of life's coming

You gotta reach for it.